At Stanley Park Junior School we promote the use of ICT to enhance learning and to develop essential life skills.

However, we recognise that it is essential to do our best to prepare all children and adults to keep themselves safe and secure.

Our Learning Resource Centre was set up in 2014. It includes a whole new suite of computers and access to an excellent range of non-fiction books. Class libraries have also been extended to include higher quality fiction books.


The simple fact is that the internet cannot be made 100% safe and secure.  But you can reduce the risks of inappropriate searching. Also, try to make sure that your child uses a computer in a family room. This makes it easier to monitor.  

One area where we would ask you to work with us is in teaching the children about safe and responsible use of the Internet and electronic technology e.g. mobile phones and i-Pads.

 We feel this is a key part of introducing ICT as part of life and learning.


If your child has access to a mobile phone, it is essential that you monitor its use. Children sometimes use chat rooms, social networks and texting inappropriately and you need to support your child to enjoy safe and happy use of these types of communication.


  • I will not access other people’s files.
  • I will ask permission before using the internet.
  • I will only use websites our teacher or parent has chosen or approved.
  • I will not bring mass storage devices into school unless I have permission.
  • I will only e-mail people I know, or my teacher or parent has approved.
  • The messages I send will be polite, sensible and friendly.
  • I will not give my home address or phone number, or arrange to meet someone, unless my parent, carer or teacher has given permission.
  • To help protect other pupils and myself, I will tell a teacher if I see anything I am unhappy with or I receive messages or pictures I do not like.
  • I understand that the school and parent may check my computer files and may monitor the Internet sites I visit. 

You will find these rules in our home-school book. Please discuss them with your child and help us to ensure they keep safe whilst they enjoy the benefits of modern technology.

You may wish to have a look at the following websites which give advice and tips for children, adults and professionals of all ages on how to keep safe online:

Useful Links