SPJS Governors have adopted the new "Instrument of Governance."

As of 28th May 2021, the Governing Body consists of the following:

  • 3 Parent Governors,
  • 1 Local Authority Governor
  • 1 Staff Governor
  • 1 Headteacher
  • 2 Partnership Governors
  • 6 co-opted Governors.

A register of Governors' interests can be seen below.

What Does the Governing Body Do?

The Governing Body plays a key role in helping Stanley Park Junior School provide the best possible education for all its pupils.

Governors do this by working closely with the Headteacher and staff, playing a part in the strategic leadership of the school.

Governors work as a team, offering both support and challenge to the Headteacher and staff who have responsibility for the day to day running of the school.

The Governing Body:

  • Plans the school's future direction
  • Monitors progress
  • Drives school improvement
  • Sets budgets
  • Supports and advises those who carry out specific work.

We have parent, Local Authority, teacher, community, partnership, staff and headteacher governors.

Governors are accountable to parents and the wider community to ensure that standards are of the highest quality.

Details of who we are, and how to contact us, appear below.

The full Governing Body meets at least once a term and delegates much of its decision-making to its sub-committees. Our main committees are:-

  • Curriculum & Standards: Chair - Pablo Mayorga
  • Personnel:    Chair - Emma Clements
  • Finance:       Chair - Karen De Brunner
  • Premises:     Chair - Sara Rowe

These committees meet at least termly.

Our other committees meet from time to time as required to deal with matters such as:-

  • Admissions:      Chair - Julia Burridge
  • Complaints      
  • Pay                 
  • Pupil Discipline

Governors are also involved in panels to make staff appointments and hear admissions appeals.

In addition we have a Safeguarding Working Group.

Committees report to the full Governing Body Meeting. Individual governors accept specific responsibilities, which sometimes involve representing the Governing Body on Borough wide organisations.

Governors usually serve a term of four years and provide their services in an unpaid capacity. The work requires commitment, but is extremely rewarding. We strongly encourage all parents to consider putting their names forward for this worthwhile role.

If you would like to find out more, feel free to contact us or you may find these websites useful:

Sutton School Governors

National Governors 'Association - Be a Governor

Department for Education - Governance

The local authority provides training and support for all governors and governing bodies (including advisors and clerks for full governing body meetings).


Amanda Lamy Ex Officio   Headteacher, Vice Chair of Admissions. 1.9.15 ongoing
Julia Burridge Associate   Deputy Headteacher,  Chair of Admissions. n/a n/a
Julie Quigley Associate   Assistant Headteacher


Gill Haldane Associate   School Business Manager n/a n/a
Chandra Alapati Partnership  Governors   4.7.22


resigned 25.9.23

Emma Clements Co-opted Governors

Chair of Governors  Chair of Personnel,

Literacy Governor, Deputy Safeguarding Governor

27.9.21 26.9.25
Karen De Brunner Staff Governors Chair of Finance, Responsible Officer 12.12.22 11.12.26
Cherin Elliott Local Authority Governors   4.7.22


Saira Haider Parent Parents   6.10.23


Catrina Lynch Parent Parents NO LONGER A GOVERNOR   29.11.21


resigned 21.3.23

Selvii Marugan Parent Parents   2.5.22 1.5.26
Pablo Mayorga Co-Opted Parents Chair of Curriculum and Standards, Numeracy Governor 21.10.19 19.10.27
Sara Rowe Co-Opted Governors Vice-Chair of Governors. Chair of Premises, Safeguarding Governor. SEN Governor


Vivian Siow Hon Ting Parent Governor  


Julie Smith Co-Opted Governors NO LONGER A GOVERNOR 3.10.22


resigned 21.7.23

Richard Smith Partnership  Governors Forum of Sutton Governors, Training Representative. Equality Governor





Nabilla Stelter Co-Opted Governors   25.09.23 24.09.27
Seema Puri-Mehta Co-Opted  Governors   3.07.23 2.07.27

From 1st April 2016, all our Governors have Enhanced DBS Clearance.



Amanda Lamy Appointments, Admissions (Chair), Curriculum & Standards, Personnel,  Finance, Premises, Pay. nil 26/27  Yes    
Julia Burridge Appointments, Admisisons (Vice Chair), Curriculum & Standards, Personnel, Finance. (No voting rights.)  Husband is Associate Governor. 24/24  Yes    
Julie Quigley Curriculum & Standards (No voting rights) nil 8/15      
Gill Haldane Appointments, Personnel, Finance, Premises (No voting rights). Daughter is Local Councillor for the school's ward. 24/27 Yes     
Chandra Alapati      3/3  n/a n/a   n/a
Moira Butt Personnel (Vice Chair), Complaints against the curriculum & other matters,  Admissions. Nil 20/23 n/a   n/a  n/a
Sumita Chakravarty Staff Disclipline/Redundancy/Grievance. Finance, Pay.  Nil n/a n/a n/a   n/a
Emma  Clements     Staff Disclipline/Redundancy/Grievance, Personnel (Chair), Finance, Pay, Admisisons, Headteacher's Performance Panel, Curriculum & Standards, Pupil Discilpline, Complaints Against the Curriculum and Other Matters.  Nil 25/27 Yes     
Karen DeBrunner Personnel, Finance (Chair), Admissions. Nil 27/27  Yes    
Cherin Elliott      3/3  No    
Fiona Glithero Personnel.     3/5 n/a     
Saira Haider       Yes     
Catrina Lynch     3/4 n/a   n/a n/a 
Selvii Marugan      2/3 Yes     
Pablo Mayorga Curriculum & Standards (Chair). Complaints Against the Curriculum and Other Matters.  Nil 21/23 Yes     
Seema Puri-Mehta       Yes     
Sara Rowe Curriculum, Standards, Premises (Chair), Personnel, Appointments, Headteachers's Performance Panel.  Nil 18/19  No    
Vivian Siow Hon Ting       n/a    
Julie Smith Appointments, Pupil Discipline, Curriculum & Standards (Vice Chair),  Premises, Pay, Personnel, Headteacher's Performance Panel.

Parent Governor at Woodcote High School

26/27 n/a     
Richard Smith Premises, Admissions, Pupil Discipline, Complaints against the curriculum & other matters, Curriculum, Standards, Appeal Panel  (Pay & Performance, Staff Discipline/redundancy/grievance). Appointments.  Nil 17/24  Yes    
Nabilla Stelter  Curriculum & Standards, Finance, Pupil Discipline, Complaints Against the Curriculum and Other Matters, Appeal Panel (pay & performance).     12/12 Yes     

How can you contact us?

Parents, staff and members of the community may wish to contact governors to express views, and governors very much welcome any such messages, as we are keen to keep in touch with and take account of these views.

It is important to say though, that any day to day queries relating to named pupils should always be directed to school staff first, so that they can discuss and deal with matters in the normal way.

Similarly, staff should use their usual line management and communication links in the first instance.

Additionally, if you have a complaint, please follow our complaints procedure which can be found in the "Policies & Procedures" section of our website, under the "About Us" tab.

You can contact the Governing Body through this email address:

Just so you know, this email address is checked once a week during school term. If you need a more urgent response, please call the school office and say you would like to get in touch with the Governing Body.

The school office number is 020 8647 7497 and the email is