Year 5 Home Learning

This page is dedicated to support your child's learning at home during our uncertain period of school closure. Our home learning is intended to develop our pupils' excitement and passion for their learning. We recognise that many of you are not teachers and we do not expect you to provide activities for children to do from 9am - 3.20pm each day. We would much rather your children do a little bit of learning at their own pace every day and enjoy it!

Weekly Guidance

Each week, a list of fun activities that you can encourage your child to complete will be added to the website. These will include all subjects linked to our topics. These will be learning experiences that can be enjoyed together. In addition to these, your child can learn a lot from home which will also link to subjects in school e,g cooking (maths/D.T), gardening (science), telling the time etc. Most importantly the time spent at home should be enjoyable for you all. 

If you are having any difficulties please email the school and we will do out best to support you. 

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