We approach Personal, Social, Cultural and Health Education in a number of ways at the Stanley Park Junior School.


We are currently consulting with parents about our PSCHE and Relationship and Sex Education Policies and long term plans. Please see all documents at the bottom of the page. We would value your feedback on these.



We devote at least one lesson a week to the subject and the wide range of issues it embraces.  Following a personalised whole-school programme, we address topics related to the following three areas: Healthy Relationships; Living in the Wider World and Keeping Safe.  Within these areas, we support children in understanding and developing a confidence in themselves and the world that they live in. We work hard to prepare our children for the challenges they may face now or later on in their life as they get ready for adulthood. While following our programme, we also adapt lessons to suit the needs of individual children and to guide them through issues that they are currently experiencing.

Through Assemblies, we celebrate, share and uphold the values we have as a community and regularly talk about a variety of different topics related to celebrating differences and citizenship. Through our Value of the Month, we focus on positive, personal attributes or approaches to life, such as determination, courage and positivity. Each month, a different year group will present what they have learnt from the value and how they might make changes to their behaviour or way of working.

We value the involvement of outside agencies or companies who can come in to visit the children to bring parts of our PSCHE programme to life. We have previously had visits from TFL, community police officers, the NSPCC and various drama companies.

We have established Codes of Behaviour which grew out of work done in the classroom with children. We aim towards becoming Successful Learners, Confident Individuals and Responsible Citizens with a Sense of Pride in all we do. The behaviour management policy outlines our expectations for all to show respect for people around us.

Staff and children at Stanley Park Junior School hold PSCHE as a subject of great importance and enjoyment. It provides adults and children, alike, the time to get to know each other and to build positive, healthy and trusting relationships.

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