In a secure and tolerant setting Religious Education in this school seeks to enable children to make a personal response to religion as a universal experience. We encourage pupils to examine their own and other peoples experience and to reflect on the meaning and purpose of life. We ask children to consider some of the answers offered by different faiths and cultures to fundamental questions and encourage them to come to some conclusions about their own beliefs and ideas, emphasising that as we grow older, our response to spiritual and emotional matters must mature with us, and also that we should respect people who have come to different conclusions and beliefs.

The R E syllabus is based on the model provided by the London Borough of Sutton. Christianity is studied in all year groups. Additionally we study the beliefs and traditions related to Islam, Judaism and Hinduism. Under the provision of the Education Act parents are entitled to withdraw their child from attendance at the daily religious worship or RE. Should you wish to exercise your rights on grounds of personal religious convictions you are requested to discuss the matter with the Headteacher in the first instance.


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