School Council

Two children, generally one boy and one girl, are democratically elected on to the school council each year. The interested children put themselves forward and prepare a speech setting out their thoughts and hopes for their ‘term in office’. The speeches are presented to the class, after which a secret ballot is held. There are three classes in each year group so there are 24 pupils on the SPJS school council.

One of their first jobs is to gather ideas from their classes on which charities the children would like to support during the year. A short list is drawn up from all the suggestions and the councillors prepare slide shows with information on each charity to share in assembly, so that all pupils can make an informed decision when they make their final vote.

During the year, one of their main roles is to be intermediaries between the school senior leaders and their class peers. They lead discussions with their classes on any new initiatives in order that the thoughts and views of all the children can be considered. They also have a chance to voice any worries or concerns on behalf of their peers at council meetings so that we can constantly work together to continue to make improvements to our school.

The School Council meets approximately twice a month with the Deputy Headteacher and they make a real difference to the running of our school. Recently, they have shared views on our Behaviour Policy, the content of our Music Policy, the school’s values, the use of merit points and worked with Sutton Schools Sports Partnership on how to increase participation in sporting activities, to name a few. We really value their contribution.