The School Day

8.35 am       Gates will open for all children

8.40  am      Bell is rung in the playground for Y3 & Y4 children to line up.

8.45  am      Bell is rung in the playground for Y5 & Y6 children to line up.

8.50 am       Gates will be closed.

8.50   am     Registration for Y3 & Y4 followed by lessons 1 & 2.

8.55   am     Registation for Y5 & Y6 children followed by lessons 1 & 2.

10.30 am     Morning Break: Monday, Tuesday & Friday.

10.45 am     Lesson 3: Monday, Tuesday & Friday.

11.00 am     Morning Break: Wednesday & Thursday.

11.15 pm     Lesson 3 on Wednesday & Thursday.

1.15   pm     Registration followed by lessons 4, 5 & 6.

3.20 pm     Y3 & Y4

3.25 pm     Y5 & Y6

Please note: The school playground must be vacated by 3.35pm to allow clubs to start.


Total hours provided in a typical week: 33 HOURS


Monday & Friday: whole school assembly

Tuesday singing assembly.     

Wednesday or Thursday: year group assembly. 



If your child arrives after registration time, they will have missed registration, and will need to be signed in by the school office staff, and will be marked as late.


We do not encourage children to be taken out of school for appointments during the day. However, if you have no alternative, please email the school office or write a note in your child’s Home-school book. Proof of your appointment will be required. Your child should be signed in or out in the office.