At SPJS we aim to inspire all children to enjoy being physically active and develop this enthusiasm outside of school and throughout their lives. Whilst we appreciate that some children have a desire to be competitive in activities, we want everyone to simply have a go and enjoy participating in sport. We aim to increase the activity levels of the whole school through the provision of a supportive environment conducive to the promotion of physical activity. Due to the increasing obesity of children and decreasing levels of physical activity among children, we aim to encourage an extra 30 minutes physical activity per day outside of the curriculum.


Children receive at least two hours of PE per week, taught by class teachers. On occasions, children may be assisted by visiting coaches with expertise of a particular sport to further enhance their lessons. Our PE curriculum aims to develop agility, physical co-ordination, strength and skills that extend competency within individual activities and across a variety of team sports. We  also nurture the ability to express feelings through movement especially within dance.

We have a planned programme of activities that encourages children to make progress in all areas of their physical development. 

The taught areas of activity are Games, Gymnastics, Dance, Athletics and Swimming.

At lunchtimes, we encourage the children to be as active as possible, with the sports leaders available to organise and referee games and activities.  

 Boys FootballGirls Football

The school competes regularly in local events, such as football, tag rugby and athletics, plus a range of wider opportunities whenever such events become available. At SPJS, we try our very best to ensure that every child has an opportunity to represent the school at such events throughout their time here.

Our annual sports day is always the highlight of our sporting year, celebrating all our successes throughout, demonstrating our team spirit and our sense of pride. 

We also offer a wide array of sporting activities after school. These range from Netball to Table Tennis. A new timetable is available each term with a new assortment of activities to choose from. 

In Year 6, the children have the opportunity to take part in either a residential or school-based outdoor activity week. They face challenges of a physical and problem solving nature whilst developing their personal and social skills. 


Our curriculum’s purpose is to improve the fitness and overall wellbeing of all children at SPJS. This is achieved through high-quality teaching of the key skills covered during sports lessons and the fundamental values and disciplines that underpins PE. We believe that it is important for children to experience competitive opportunities and therefore have a wide variety of sports competitions available for the children to compete in throughout the year. These are in addition to our sporting leagues e.g. football and netball. The children at SPJS make good progress in PE and are eager to attend after school clubs and competitive sports events.

Linking with our PSCHE curriculum, the fundamental values we promote are self-motivation, resilience, sportsmanship, independence and teamwork. In order to demonstrate these, they are embedded into our lessons whereby children are given the opportunity to evaluate their own and other’s performances and reflect on their progress throughout each unit.



We are delighted to let you know that we have been working hard to raise the profile of PE in our school. As a result of this hard work, we have achieved a PLATINUM School Games Mark. 

This is a Government led awards scheme which rewards schools for their commitment to the development of sports across the school.

A lot of our  children participate in sporting events/competitions both within  and outside  school, and we have worked hard to make sure that children see the benefit of keeping themselves fit and healthy.


Stanley Park Junior School has an excellent record of achievement and success in swimming. We were Borough Champions in 2017 and winners of the Borough Swimming Gala in 2022 and 2023.

Children are provided with the opportunity to swim in Year 4 and then top-up swimming is provided in Year 5. We regularly take part in swimming galas and individual championships which challenge our more able swimmers towards higher achievements. 

Within the swimming lessons, children are taught how to swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres using a range of strokes effectively. Self-rescue is also performed in different water-based situations. 




Year 6: July 2022%
Percentage of Y6 pupils who could swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres when they left SPJS at the end of the academic year. 73%
Percentage of Y6 pupils who could use a range of strokes effectively (for example, front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke) when they left SPJS at the end of the academic year. 73%
Percentage of Y6 pupils who could perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations when they left SPJS at the end of the academic year. 73%




For the next few years, the Government is providing Primary Schools with additional funding to improve provision of P.E and sports. We are making full use of this opportunity in order to enrich the children with wider opportunities and skills and to develop a deepening love for sport. The documents below are our detailed plans of how we aim to achieve these goals.  


Subject Leaders: Sophie Baldock and Lucy Powell

If you would like more information about how this subject is taught, please contact Sophie Baldock or Lucy Powell  by emailing the school office at